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Pre-Kindergarten Program for 4 Year Old Children

Welcome to the Saint Catharine School Pre-Kindergarten

Young children have special needs, varied learning styles, and boundless energy (Nielsen, 2006)! So, as you can imagine, our new classroom for four-year old students is a very special place. As an effective preschool, active learning happens from the minute the students walk though the door each morning,

Since September 2015, learning in our four-year-old classroom has been characterized by purposeful noise, activity, talking, singing, laughing, and learning together. Each day, children learn important skills, practice positive decision-making and build self-confidence. Within this framework, teachers place a special focus on the development of social skills and self-directed play, two major goals of our early childhood classroom.

Recent research supports the notion that planned, purposeful, and creative play is an essential component of the learning environment for young children. Our young scholars are learning to explore, experiment, and make discoveries for themselves within an environment of play, socialization, and through cognitive skill development in order to make sense of this world.

Additionally, it is amazing to witness the day-to-day development of each child as he or she is afforded the opportunity to participate in various enrichment activities such as religion, music, art, media, physical education, and Spanish. These programs enable our preschoolers to engage in exciting adventures that allow them to use their creativity and imagination. Studies show that the learning of a second language may actually foster a richer cultural awareness as well as an increased expediency of math and verbal skills.

The four-year-old pre-kindergarten approaches literacy for students using the five senses: phonemic awareness, phonics, text comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. This approach helps the teacher provide differentiated instruction through interactive activities and learning strategies. Students are also encouraged to learn basic technology skills as the school year progresses.

Lastly, as the teachers of our young children fully realize, it is important to help each child reach his or her full potential. In doing so, we support the natural curiosity of children by giving them rich and meaningful learning opportunities. Within this paradigm, teachers at Saint Catharine’s Catholic School ensure that our early childhood program and curricula are developmentally appropriate and that participation in the four-year old program is a nurturing and wonderful time for each child.