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Alumni News

Mary Liz Lynch (Currie)

“My education at Saint Catherine’s has been brought back to me frequently throughout the years. I graduated in 1966 and went on to St. Rose HS in Belmar and Seton Hall University. I became a registered nurse which was my desire from a young age to help the sick and dying. I have practiced that profession since 1976 through marriage and motherhood. At present I live in New Hampshire and am a school nurse.

This brings me to my memories. There are three people who stand out in my mind. Sr. Rose Regina, she taught piano lessons and chorus. Mrs. Martone, the school nurse and Miss McTeague my 3rd or 4th grade teacher. These women were wonderful and had a deep influence on me. They bring a smile to my lips and warmth to my heart when I think of them. I also remember, breakfast every morning during Lent after going to Mass. The cafeteria would give us Hot Chocolate to have with whatever our mothers had sent.

I thank God for the gift of St. Catharine’s and for my parents who saw the importance of a Catholic School education and were willing to sacrifice for it.”

Deidre Farmer

“One of my favorite teachers Mrs. Deakyne for 2 grade. Math races at chalk board. She held a tournament and winners one Michael Jackson “Thriller” Posters. Great memories. Principals were Sister Dorothy who graciously accepted weeds as flowers and Sister Leena. Sister Mary Rose as VP. Mrs. Meixsell was our gym teacher after the sweet Mr. Gacos who tied my shoe laces in gym and never made us feel bad about not knowing how.” 

Jane C. Hall

“When our oldest daughter was a student at St. Catharine’s Kindergarten, in 1954, Sr. Rose Regina asked me if I would bring a Happy Birthday Baby Jesus cake to the school for a party that she was planning for the children in the kindergarten. I was happy to do this and purchased a sheet cake from Voorhee’s Bakery in Spring Lake. The cake was decorated with a Christmas Tree, toys, and “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus” written across it. The children loved the cake and the idea of a birthday party for Baby Jesus – so much so that we continued the tradition for many years, with dear Sr. Rose leading the singing for “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus” each year.”

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