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An involved parent is the foundation for a child's success. By staying informed and connected, you can contribute to your child's success during this academic year. 

The Role of the SCS Parent

We all want the best for our children, but that is not enough. A parent's words of encouragement, interest in your child’s efforts, support, and involvement are all vital for a successful school year. 

Parents and guardians have a number of opportunities to be involved in the spiritual life and religious formation of their children. They support and help guide their children as they prepare to receive sacraments and participate in various community service endeavors. Volunteers are an integral part of St. Catharine School and parents can choose to participate in the religious education inherent in the life and culture of the school.  They are invited to attend monthly masses and prayer services. In addition, the Parent Teacher Association has a “Spirituality” chairperson to help organize and assist in all religious activities at the school and a “Social Concerns” representative who helps coordinate services to the community.  

Parent involvement at St. Catharine School is not limited to religious opportunities. The school relies on a very active PTA board and many volunteers to assist in daily operations such as lunch and recess, clerical assistance, and afterschool activities. Parents are encouraged to use their gifts and talents to enhance the experience of all the students. Many serve as coaches, enrichment facilitators, scout leaders, community service program organizers, and/or fundraising volunteers.  Some parents are selected to join fieldtrips and each classroom has an assigned “Class Coordinator” who serves as a liaison between the families and administration