Health & Safety


St. Catharine School has a full time nurse on duty daily: 

Contact Information

Mrs. Jane Kulaga 
P: 732-449-4424 Extension 311

Physical Examinations Are Required For:

  1. All new students upon acceptance to school (any grade).
  2. Annually for all students trying out for any sport in the SCS Athletic Program. The New Jersey State form (NJDOE/APPEF revised 03/10″ Part A & Part B) is used for all Physical Examinations reference above.

Parents should be sure to notify the school of any serious, chronic health problems, diabetes, epilepsy, severe life-threatening allergies, etc., so that appropriate attention may be given to a student. If your child contracts a communicable disease, do not permit him/her to return to school until your physician gives you permission to do so. State law requires a doctor’s certificate if a contagious disease is the cause of absence.

For a complete overview of St. Catharine School’s health policies, please click here to refer to the parent handbook.



Visitors are always welcome at St. Catharine School and every courtesy will be extended. The outside doors to the school remain locked during school hours and visitors, are required to be identified and “buzzed in” at the main entrance. For the safety of all students, all visitors and regularly scheduled volunteers are required to sign-in at the school office before proceeding elsewhere within the school building and sign-out upon departure.


As parental volunteering is plays a large role in the spiritual life, religious formation and culture at St. Catharine School, all volunteers are required to be fingerprinted and to complete VIRTUS® training prior to volunteering. The VIRTUS® program assists the Church in being a safe haven for children and a messenger for preventing child sexual abuse within the Church and society in general. For more information visit