Academics For
Intermediate Grades (3-5)

Intermediate Grades (3-5)

Our religion curriculum in the Intermediate grades continues and builds on the journey of faith nurtured in the Primary grades. The students reflect on “faith” and the experience of being in a community of the followers of Jesus Christ. The students possess a more developed sense of right and wrong so moral issues are introduced and discussed using the Ten Commandments and the teachings of the Church. Formal prayers are taught and the Mass is emphasized as the greatest prayer of the Church.

Our world expects everyone to be able to write well, speak clearly and read with comprehension. Our ILA curriculum in the Intermediate grades enables the students to continue their journey in literacy. Emphasis is placed on reading for meaning, the conventions of grammar and reading for pleasure. Well written and age appropriate children’s literature is introduced to supplement the reading program. Writer’s Workshop provides the students with the guidance and structure to express themselves in writing.

The students in the Intermediate grades are starting to understand the concepts not just the processes of math. They are able to apply what they learn to new situations, They are learning math and can talk the language of mathematics, not just solve a problem. The spiraling effect in the lesson format allows for all students to achieve the skills needed to meet grade level expectations.

A greater awareness of the world the student live in and their place in it is the thrust of our Intermediate Social Studies curriculum. Our community, our country and our neighbors in North and South America are emphasized in these grades. History and geography are taught while a deeper understanding of the role we all play in society is encouraged.

Scientific inquiry, the thoughtful and coordinated attempt to search out, describe, explain and predict, is the foundation for the Intermediate Science curriculum. The students are guided in making observations, asking questions, designing and conducting simple investigations. They increase their scientific literacy by seeking relevant information in books, media and electronic media, reading and writing about science.

As in the Primary grades, interactive whiteboards, response systems, iPads and laptops are the tools the students and teachers use to create, collaborate and share information in all subject areas. In addition, our 1 to 1 laptop initiative is introduced in the fifth grade. Those students receive a MacBook for their exclusive use all day, every day. The students research topics, read textbooks online, prepare and present information and create art and music using this exciting technology.