Primary Grades (K-2)

Primary Grades (K-2)

Faith, Knowledge, Service – the St. Catharine School motto is more than just words. We strive to make it a reality for our students every day.


The St. Catharine School Primary program is dedicated to providing instruction that reflects the unique characteristics of the young child. At SCS we endeavor to create a safe environment that emphasizes spiritual growth, academic skills physical skills, self esteem, self-control, creativity and discovery.


As Catholic school educators, our goal is to nurture each child’s relationship with Jesus. Through prayer, song activities and actions that express their beliefs, children are called to live out their discipleship among their peers, their families, and their school and parish communities. Second grade students prepare for and receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist.


Our Integrated Language Arts program builds the foundation for reading success. The literary experiences develop auditory and visual skills, extend vocabulary and foster appreciation for the structure of language and written words. Our teachers are committed to helping each student reach their goals and be successful in Reading/Language Arts.


The philosophy of our math program is that mathematics should build on prior learning. New learning is presented in increments, with time provided for practice. The curriculum purposely progresses at a pace that allows children to develop competence and confidence. Children use manipulative, engage in discussions and work in cooperative groups to help each other learn.

Social Studies

Our social studies program encourages the children to explore concepts of now and long ago. They begin to make important connections between geography, history and people as part of finding their place in the long continuity of human experience.


Our science program provides the children with the opportunity to investigate the natural world, learn about interesting, relevant and exciting science ideas and link science to religion, mathematics, writing and technology.


Interactive white boards, laptops and iPads are integrated into all areas of the curriculum. Our students are encouraged to become 21st century learners through collaboration, cooperation and investigation.