Project Lead The Way

Project Lead The Way Overview

PLTW is a national program forming partnerships among schools, higher education institutions and the private sector to increase the quantity and quality of engineers and engineering technologists graduating from the country’s educational systems.

The program offers a hands-on, project-based approach to learning that better prepares students for the rigors of college. The program incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, (STEM) skills needed for success.

Taking PLTW courses can help students decide if an engineering-related career is right for them. 

Project Lead The Way Per Grade

Engaging students at a young age builds confidence, grows interest, and puts them on course for strong accomplishments in middle school, high school, and beyond. 

Through PLTW Launch, our program for kindergarten through fifth grade, students become problem solvers. They use structured approaches like the engineering design process and employ critical thinking. They apply STEM knowledge, skills, and habits of mind, learning that it’s okay to take risks and make mistakes. As teachers and students learn and discover together, education becomes far more engaging. We designed PLTW Launch to offer maximum flexibility and work in a variety of settings and scenarios, which means there is an implementation model that will work for your school or organization.

The PLTW  Gateway (GTW) cutting-edge program is designed to challenge and engage the natural curiosity and imagination of middle school students, while incorporating national standards in math, science and technology. Gateway is “activity oriented” to show students how technology is used in engineering to solve everyday problems and is designed to spark an interest in STEM subjects as well as prepare students for further study in high school.

Throughout Gateway , students acquire knowledge and skills in problem solving, teamwork and innovation as well as exploring STEM careers.