The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is dedicated to promoting educational success through strong partnerships with teachers, parents, administration, and the larger community. 

Get Involved.

Become a member of the PTA and participate in their planned activities and fundraising events as often as possible. 

Through fundraising efforts, the PTA helps fund our technology program, teacher appreciation gifts, supports community outreach efforts, school marketing materials, and student activities.

Your participation is appreciated. 

Key Responsibilities: The Co-Presidents are the primary liaison with school administration, the parish, and the Diocese.  They are also responsible for presiding over all PTA Executive Board and PTA meetings. The Co-Presidents create and communicate PTA meeting agendas, organizes the yearly PTA calendar, and oversees the activities of the Executive Board as well as the execution of all PTA events to ensure their success in support of school objectives.

Key Responsibilities: As Vice-President, the primary task is to work with the PTA Board, Committee Chairs, and the school community to reach our fundraising goals. In addition, she will prepare and coordinate school events, such as the First Day of School Welcoming, Back to School Night, the Advent Program, Open Houses, Uniform Exchange, and Catholic Schools Week activities.

Additional Responsibilities: As Vice- President, this position is to organize and maintain the volunteer data and coordinate Virtus training and fingerprinting, which is part of the Diocese of Trenton’s “Protecting God’s Children” program. All questions on volunteering at SCS should be directed toward this Vice-President. In addition, she will partner with her Co-Vice President in the preparation and coordination of school events, such as the First Day of School Welcoming, Back to School Night, the Advent Program, Open Houses, Uniform Exchange, and Catholic Schools Week activities. 

Key Responsibilities: The Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes from the Executive Board and General PTA Board meetings. She is also responsible for preparing agendas and PTA correspondence.

Key Responsibilities: The Treasurer is responsible for managing all the financial records of the SCS PTA.  Primary responsibilities include the PTA budget, managing PTA financial accounts, obtaining proper state and local fundraising licenses, and submitting fundraising reports. 

Key Responsibilities: The Class Coordinator Chair is responsible for partnering with the designated class coordinators to provide an additional communication channel on the class level, support PTA events, manage coordination of community outreach activities, and assist in classroom activities.

Key Responsibilities: The role of the Communications Chair is to oversee the internal and external communications at Saint Catharine School. Responsibilities include photographing and publicizing school events, managing team of volunteer photographers, maintaining an ongoing relationship with local newspapers and other media resources, maintaining the SCS photo archives, submitting relevant PTA information to the SCS website and reviewing internal communications. Additional responsibilities include participating in and implementing Diocese-sponsored marketing plans as well as SCS marketing activities.

Key Responsibilities: The role of the Hospitality Chair is to provide a warm, welcoming and friendly reception to SCS guests and visitors as well as to the SCS school community. Responsibilities include hosting and providing refreshments to key PTA- and school-sponsored events.

Key Responsibilities: The Programs Chair is responsible for researching and implementing suitable educational events, speakers and activities for the SCS student body. Her role is to identify and suggest programs that will enrich the educational experience of the students. 

Key Responsibilities: The role of Social Concern Chair is to broaden the awareness of the SCS students to their local and global community through community outreach activities, volunteer efforts and support of our sister school in Uganda, St. Kizito.  Responsibilities include coordinating student and parent volunteers on various outreach projects, identifying and proposing community needs for school support and executing program implementation.

Key Responsibilities: The role of the Spirituality Chair is to support the spiritual development of the SCS students and community. Responsibilities include assisting administrators, teachers and students in the planning and development of monthly masses and prayer services, implementing spiritual activities in support of Catholic Schools Week and recommending activities and events to further develop the spiritual growth of SCS students. 

The liaison will serve as a communicator between teachers and the PTA as well as support professional development opportunities arranged by the administration for the teachers. The liaison will also address and relay financial requests of the teachers related to classroom enrichment or projects.