Volunteer at St. Catharine

Volunteer at SCS

The St. Catharine School motto speaks to our community’s commitment to living a well-balanced Christian life. As parents, we consistently strive to demonstrate by our actions those virtues and behaviors we wish to foster in our children.

St. Catharine School provides countless opportunities for parents to demonstrate the virtue of service to our children. One way, in particular, is for members of our PTA (every parent and guardian with a child at the school is a PTA member) to volunteer your time at different events throughout the school year.

Protecting God’s Children Background Check Process

  1. Complete a Volunteer Application
  2. Attend a Virtus training session
    • A listing of the current sessions being offered can be found HERE
    • **Do not choose a re-certification session if you have never been VIRTUS trained before.**
    • Please bring a copy of your certificate to Mrs. Sablom at the school after completion or email to childprotection@scsmsl.org
  3. Background Check
    • Volunteering at St. Catharine School (SCS)
      • Background checks are done through the Department of Education
        • New Applicants please use New Applicant Process HERE
        • Anyone that has been fingerprinted through DOE before should use the Archive Process. Please contact the school for instructions.
        • If you also volunteer for the parish and have already had a background check through that process please contact the school.
      • After approximately two weeks after your appointment, you can visit the following website https://homeroom5.doe.state.nj.us/chrs18/?app-emp-history  to obtain your clearance information.
      • When you receive your clearance letter please bring a copy to Mrs. Sablom at the school, or email to childprotection@scsmsl.org you will be notified when your badge is ready.
      • Background checks must be renewed every four years
  4. Completed Packets
    • A complete packet will have the following documents. Once all documents are obtained and sent to the school you will receive your badge.
      • Application Form (3 pages)
      • IdentoGo Form with copy of receipt (copy)
      • Virtus Training certificate of attendance (copy)
      • Virtus Training online registration
      • Clearance letter from NJ Department of Education
Volunteer Opportunities with Virtus Badge
Recess and Lunch Duty
Class Coordinator
Class Trip Moderator
Santa Sale 
Book Fair
In School activities or fundraisers where the children are present
Upcoming PTA Events & Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at SCS

Volunteering is every family’s responsibility and a way to show our commitment to St. Catharine School, its mission, and the part it plays in our children’s development.  

There are many ways to be involved both during and after school hours. Volunteers must wear Virtus clearance badge at all times while volunteering in St. Catharine School. Virtus training needs to be completed only oncebut fingerprinting expires every four years. Please check your badge for the expiration of your fingerprinting. If you do not have a current volunteer badge, please see below the Fingerprint and Virtus form for detailed instructions.

  In School volunteer opportunities, Virtus volunteer badge is required.

  • Lunch Duty/Playground Duty (All year)– Supervise and clean up after children in the cafeteria and on the playground.
  • Class Coordinator (All Year) help teacher coordinate any in class activities.
  • After-school Enrichments (all year) – Volunteers are needed to help supervise and monitor students to ensure the safety and wellness of each child.
  • Santa Sale (December Date TBD) Set-up the sale, work the sale tables, and wrap the presents for the younger children.  
  • Scholastic Book Fair (Spring Date TBD) – Set up and work the book fair during school day and after school.

Nighttime or weekend volunteer opportunities:

  • Pocketbook Bingo (November 10, 2017) – Some duties of volunteers might be to hang signs in store windows, sell raffle tickets night of event, set-up and clean-up.   
  • Father-Daughter Dinner Dance (February 24, 2018) – Duties may include decorating, setting up, selling raffle tickets and cleaning up.
  • Mother-Son Outing (Spring Date TBD) Duties may include check-in, event facilitation, and cleaning up.
  • Candlelight Ball (July 20, 2018)-This is the major fundraising event for the school. Volunteers will be needed for pre-event planning, event organization, Mass raffle sales, night of event raffle sales, and help day of event.

Any questions please email Kathleen at scsptavpvols@gmail.com

For more information and forms please click HERE.